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Honduras Day 7

Honduras Day # 7

August 8, 2012

Several of our team members have been under the weather with intestinal flu symptoms, so they remained home at the Hope Center today to rest up.  Our verse this morning was John 15:12-13 where Jesus instructs us to Love as He has loved us, and that there is no greater love than when a person lays down (sacrifices/serves) his/her life for another.  This can take the form of helping, encouraging, going on a mission trip, and even becoming ill while serving others.  Fortunately, by dinnertime, everyone was up and about and feeling better.

We had 4 groups today:

The first stayed back at the Hope Center to clean and fix things up while serving the ill ones.  They even took a trip into the Valley of Angels to do some more souvenir shopping.

The next group went to the Church Building where Honors Academy is housed, and continued with painting and classroom preparation projects needed for the school year starting next week.

Another group went back to Las Brisas to distribute water filtration units that we brought from the states.  The systems consist of two 5 gallon buckets, with a ceramic/activated charcoal filter in the top that drains into the lower bucket with a spigot installed.  Through a translator, we instructed the families in proper usage and maintenance of the units.  They were all very attentive, and understood that if done correctly, the systems can last up to two years, and help bring better health to their families.  A woman from the church, whom the team has been visiting and helping for many years, oversaw the distribution, and will check on them to be sure they are following instructions. After lunch, this group toured the local “Operation Smile” facility where they treat all aspects of cleft palate patients.

The final group worked with Dr. John to collect water samples at various places down the mountain and in the city for analysis of bacterial patterns.  They took the samples to the microbiology department at the Medical School where Dr. John will be lecturing, and they worked with the staff there to process the samples.

We all met back at the Hope Center for dinner, a team meeting (where the Hope Center girls performed a dance) and turned in early.  Tomorrow we have our last clinic in a poor neighborhood in the city.

Honduras Day 6

Honduras Day # 6

August 7, 2012

This morning Glenn referenced Galatians 5 and the fruit of the spirit listed in verses 22-23, and how as we walk with the spirit, focusing on God’s leading and serving each other, we won’t gratify worldly ways.  Instead, we receive from God:  love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

Today we went to the prison where we separated into 2 groups.  Half the team worked with the guards (seeing about 115 people) and the other half served 75+ prisoners.  Since we have been going to the prison yearly for many years, quite a few of the inmates know us by name, and we recognize many of them.  Mexicano has been their leader for many years, and said a moving closing prayer of thanks when we were leaving.  Cesar speaks a lot of English, and helped us to translate.  Clark was very interested in following the doctor around to learn all he could so he could be a medic for the others.  And Ricky is a very large white Caucasian man who looks out of place in the Honduran prison, and we diagnosed him with sleep apnea.  (These are some of the names of men we have met previously, and mention them here so we can remember to pray for them.) 

In addition, quite a few of the men came up to Amber and said “you cleaned out my ears last year,” which was true because she has been specializing in that task for 2 trips now.  Because the prison does not allow cameras inside, we have no pictures to show.

After clinic, we returned home for dinner and a quiet evening.  Tomorrow is a low key day where we will split into smaller groups doing various projects around the city.

Honduras Day 5

Honduras Day # 5

August 6, 2012

Our morning message, given by Glenn, came from Galatians 5:13, encouraging us to serve one another in love, and to be motivated by the freedom and love we have received from God.

Our clinic today was in Las Brisa, a very poor area in the city of Tegucigalpa, where we worked in an indoor community center.  The space was large enough to allow for all our doctors, nurses and students to become medical providers, with Dr. Lee circulating between the 7 stations helping as needed.  In doing so, we saw over 340 patients.  In addition to the typical cases of colds, ear infections, coughs, sore throats, back/body/head aches, we also saw cases of shingles, burns, and ear wax problems. 

There were many elderly patients, one woman aged 92 (who was in pretty good health) and one lady  aged 87, who was brought by 3 granddaughters (who pushed her in a poorly operating wheelchair over the cobblestones) because she had stopped eating 1 month previously, and was getting weak. It was clear the woman was near death, and through understanding, explanations, and sharing, the team was able to help the family accept the situation.  Then with prayer and encouragement, we were able to help them realize how to minister to their loved one, while looking forward to her going on to heaven.

After dinner at the Hope Center, we had a team meeting, where we hear Dr. John and Pastor John Carette share the stories of how they came to faith.  We also shared impressions of the day and the many encounters we had.

Tomorrow will be clinic at the Prison where the missionary team goes every week to encourage the men in their faith.

Honduras Day #4

Honduras Day # 4

August 5, 2012

We started the day attending Church with a lively worship time, a children’s production, communion, and a sermon from our own team member, Pastor Jeremy.  He spoke about being adopted into the family of God, and he used the parable of the Prodigal Son to illustrate the fatherhood of God that we can all partake in.

After Church, while the McCune family spent the afternoon with Mary Beth and her husband Fernando’s family, the rest of the team had a picnic lunch at the pleasant village of Santa Lucia where there was a pretty view and some souvenir shopping there and again in the Valley of Angels.  Afterwards, everyone met up at a local restaurant serving typical Honduran food. 

We returned to the Hope Center to prepare for our next clinic in the poor city neighborhood of Las Brisas.

Honduras Day #3

Honduras Day # 3

August 4, 2012

This morning we discussed the Old Testament story in Joshua chapter 2 of Rahab, who helped Israel’s spies who were scoping out Jerico prior to the big battle (remember how Joshua fought the battle of Jerico?).  Because of her service, and allowing her home to be used for God’s purposes (like Sonia did yesterday in allowing us to hold clinic in her home) her family was saved when the battle was fought, and she has been remembered in history as the one who helped and served the people of God.

Today we split into two clinic groups and two activities groups.  Several helped Jan Orser work with the Hope Center kids with activities and assessments.  Ben and Noah went to the Honors Academy School to help paint and prepare rooms for the new school year.  Half the team stayed at the Hope Center, holding clinic in the small church next door, seeing 109 patients. 

The other half went to a poor settlement village (the equivalent of housing projects in the States) called Calle Claudia, situated up a mountain side with a beautiful scenic view that belied the underlying poverty and squalor the people lived in.  Many of the kids were infested with head lice, and we exhausted our supply of lice shampoo.  The man who brought us here also leads the Boy Scouts, who have done service projects here in the past, and came again today to help out.  Clinic was interrupted by a torrential downpour (some of the stations were located outdoors), but they still managed to see all the ill patients (about 96).

After the clinics, some relaxed at the Hope Center while others did souvenir shopping in the Valley of Angels village center, about a 20 minute walk from the Hope Center.

Tomorrow we have a relaxing day of Morning Church and afternoon sightseeing.

Honduras Day # 2

Honduras Day # 2 

August 3, 2012

Every morning at breakfast we have a brief devotional message, and our theme for this week is servant hood.  We discussed, Luke 22:27, when at the Last Supper Jesus told the disciples to stop focusing on wrong priorities but instead to concentrate on servant hood, an apt example and reminder as we head of on our first clinic day.

Today we worked in a neighborhood close to our main church building on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa called “Estados Unidos” which means “United States” (we don’t know why this name was chosen).  The school bus could only take us so far, and we had to walk, carrying all of our meds and supplies, to the house of a woman named Sonia.  Her son is one of the men we visit on our prison clinic day, and his wife (her daughter-in-law) and son (her grandson) were gunned down in the neighborhood by stray bullets (the woman died, but the boy survived after much surgery).  Despite all the tragedy in her life, Sonia has great faith, and is a strong influence for good in her community.  Our missionaries have been reaching out to them, providing support, services, and Godly encouragement for some time now.

She opened her house to our team of 26, along with 8 translators, where we set up tent shelters for shade.  The space was cramped and very hot, and we saw patients both inside and outside, with approximately 220 patient visits.  Some interesting findings included rashes and many cases of varicose veins.  We have nurses and medical/PA students on the trip this year, and they have been introduced to our clinic procedures, and started patient evaluations working beside the doctors.

We returned to the Hope Center, had a great dinner, and played a rousing game of “”Never Have I Ever.”  Tomorrow we split into two groups, one seeing patients here at the Hope Center and the other traveling to a very poor settlement near the Valley of Angels.

Day #1

Honduras Day # 1 

August 2, 2012

After a 4 AM airport check in, our flights were on time and we arrived with all of our luggage and belongings.  After the customs officers going through our packed meds checking for expiration dates (we passed), we ate lunch at a local fried chicken restaurant then headed  to the Hope Center to unpack, settle in, dispense liquid cough meds, pack worm medicines, and prepare the water filtration systems we are working with this year. 

In the pictures, you will see our arrival at the airport (they had us deplane onto the tarmac and walk around several jets to enter the building),waiting in customs, loading the school bus we are using for transportation, packing worm medicine, and working on the water filtration systems.

Tomorrow we will be going to a city neighborhood near the church to work in an area where families live of the men we see in prison each year.

Team Meeting # 2 on June 24, 2012.

See pictures below of our second team meeting, where we packed meds (top photos), learned how to erect and repack a shelter (to use for shade when out in the field–middle photos), and researched water filtration systems that we will bring on the trip to target needy areas.  We had a brief meeting, and enjoyed getting to know the team members.