July 30, 2011 Honduras Day 3

This morning we discussed the Old Testament story of Joseph in Genesis 37, which is an example of a dysfunctional family and sibling rivalry.  But because Joseph was a righteous man who did not hold grudges and forgave his brothers, God was able to use Joseph over time to bring reconciliation to his family together.

We headed out to a remote village called Ciudad Espana (City of Spain) that was formed after the terrible hurricane in 1998 to resettle people displaced by the storm.  We travelled off the main highway up a small road, so steep at one point, that we had to leave the bus (to reduce its weight) and walk up the hill in order for the bus to continue.

Today was different from other clinic sites in that we saw many elderly patients, some in homemade wheelchairs, being taken care of by family members.  We also saw more people with ears plugged with wax than ever, and found the ear cleansing station busy all day long.  We also saw many disabled people, including an amputee, a stroke victim, and some seizure patients.  Like yesterday, there were several opportunities to help patients work through personal issues, including a woman with agoraphobia, who felt freed up enough that she came back later to the clinic a second time just to prove she could leave her house.

Today was very busy, with many more patients than we could physically see.  We were able to personally care for 280 patients, and then dispense Vitamins and Worm medicine to another 60 patients.  Tomorrow will be a day off, including church in the morning, a picnic lunch and souvenir shopping.