July 29, 2011 Honduras Day # 2

Every morning at breakfast we have a devotional message, and our theme for this week is:  Family and the Family of God.  We looked at Jesus’s family with Mary and Joseph, and how the actions of his parents provided protection, guidance, provision, support, love and nurturing.  We also realized that our own family experiences, and certainly many of the people we will serve this week, may have difficult dynamics, but even so, through the love of God (our loving Father), we can all experience love in the Family of God.  Our goal this week is to bring the love of God to people in need through our medical care, smiles, hugs, and personal interactions.

Today we worked in a neighborhood close to our main church building on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa.  The location was small, and difficult to work in, so we had some doctor stations outside.  For our first day, it was slow, seeing 163 patients, but this allowed the team to learn all the jobs needed in the clinic. 

The people were poor but fairly well nourished.  There were lots of coughs and colds, back aches, headaches and various stomach ailments.  Although they were well nourished, their dental hygiene was terrible, and many people, children and adults, had multiple huge dental cavities, which we can’t treat, but we did give out lots of the toothbrushes and tooth paste tubes donated to the team this year.  We also fitted many people with reading glasses and sun glasses.

One young woman in particular seen today had minor physical complaints, but was resistant to speak (through the translator) about what was really troubling her.  Several of the ladies spent a lot of time with her, expressing love, and eventually she opened up about her family problems.  As she did, she became visibly calmer, and left with smiles.  The team had reached our goal with this patient, both physically and emotionally.

After we completed the clinic, while most of the team visited the local mall, the medical practitioners had the opportunity to tour the public hospital and to meet with the leaders of a Honduran charity that works to provide medical care to children with hydrocephalus.  We met some of the kids in the hospital, and their stories are sad in that without the charity at work, they would have no hope for the future.

The pictures today show some of our team in action.  Tomorrow we will be going to an area away from the city, and it will be interesting to see the differences at a rural location.