Honduras Day 7

Honduras Day # 7

August 8, 2012

Several of our team members have been under the weather with intestinal flu symptoms, so they remained home at the Hope Center today to rest up.  Our verse this morning was John 15:12-13 where Jesus instructs us to Love as He has loved us, and that there is no greater love than when a person lays down (sacrifices/serves) his/her life for another.  This can take the form of helping, encouraging, going on a mission trip, and even becoming ill while serving others.  Fortunately, by dinnertime, everyone was up and about and feeling better.

We had 4 groups today:

The first stayed back at the Hope Center to clean and fix things up while serving the ill ones.  They even took a trip into the Valley of Angels to do some more souvenir shopping.

The next group went to the Church Building where Honors Academy is housed, and continued with painting and classroom preparation projects needed for the school year starting next week.

Another group went back to Las Brisas to distribute water filtration units that we brought from the states.  The systems consist of two 5 gallon buckets, with a ceramic/activated charcoal filter in the top that drains into the lower bucket with a spigot installed.  Through a translator, we instructed the families in proper usage and maintenance of the units.  They were all very attentive, and understood that if done correctly, the systems can last up to two years, and help bring better health to their families.  A woman from the church, whom the team has been visiting and helping for many years, oversaw the distribution, and will check on them to be sure they are following instructions. After lunch, this group toured the local “Operation Smile” facility where they treat all aspects of cleft palate patients.

The final group worked with Dr. John to collect water samples at various places down the mountain and in the city for analysis of bacterial patterns.  They took the samples to the microbiology department at the Medical School where Dr. John will be lecturing, and they worked with the staff there to process the samples.

We all met back at the Hope Center for dinner, a team meeting (where the Hope Center girls performed a dance) and turned in early.  Tomorrow we have our last clinic in a poor neighborhood in the city.