Honduras Day 6

Honduras Day # 6

August 7, 2012

This morning Glenn referenced Galatians 5 and the fruit of the spirit listed in verses 22-23, and how as we walk with the spirit, focusing on God’s leading and serving each other, we won’t gratify worldly ways.  Instead, we receive from God:  love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

Today we went to the prison where we separated into 2 groups.  Half the team worked with the guards (seeing about 115 people) and the other half served 75+ prisoners.  Since we have been going to the prison yearly for many years, quite a few of the inmates know us by name, and we recognize many of them.  Mexicano has been their leader for many years, and said a moving closing prayer of thanks when we were leaving.  Cesar speaks a lot of English, and helped us to translate.  Clark was very interested in following the doctor around to learn all he could so he could be a medic for the others.  And Ricky is a very large white Caucasian man who looks out of place in the Honduran prison, and we diagnosed him with sleep apnea.  (These are some of the names of men we have met previously, and mention them here so we can remember to pray for them.) 

In addition, quite a few of the men came up to Amber and said “you cleaned out my ears last year,” which was true because she has been specializing in that task for 2 trips now.  Because the prison does not allow cameras inside, we have no pictures to show.

After clinic, we returned home for dinner and a quiet evening.  Tomorrow is a low key day where we will split into smaller groups doing various projects around the city.