Honduras Day 5

Honduras Day # 5

August 6, 2012

Our morning message, given by Glenn, came from Galatians 5:13, encouraging us to serve one another in love, and to be motivated by the freedom and love we have received from God.

Our clinic today was in Las Brisa, a very poor area in the city of Tegucigalpa, where we worked in an indoor community center.  The space was large enough to allow for all our doctors, nurses and students to become medical providers, with Dr. Lee circulating between the 7 stations helping as needed.  In doing so, we saw over 340 patients.  In addition to the typical cases of colds, ear infections, coughs, sore throats, back/body/head aches, we also saw cases of shingles, burns, and ear wax problems. 

There were many elderly patients, one woman aged 92 (who was in pretty good health) and one lady  aged 87, who was brought by 3 granddaughters (who pushed her in a poorly operating wheelchair over the cobblestones) because she had stopped eating 1 month previously, and was getting weak. It was clear the woman was near death, and through understanding, explanations, and sharing, the team was able to help the family accept the situation.  Then with prayer and encouragement, we were able to help them realize how to minister to their loved one, while looking forward to her going on to heaven.

After dinner at the Hope Center, we had a team meeting, where we hear Dr. John and Pastor John Carette share the stories of how they came to faith.  We also shared impressions of the day and the many encounters we had.

Tomorrow will be clinic at the Prison where the missionary team goes every week to encourage the men in their faith.