Honduras Day #3

Honduras Day # 3

August 4, 2012

This morning we discussed the Old Testament story in Joshua chapter 2 of Rahab, who helped Israel’s spies who were scoping out Jerico prior to the big battle (remember how Joshua fought the battle of Jerico?).  Because of her service, and allowing her home to be used for God’s purposes (like Sonia did yesterday in allowing us to hold clinic in her home) her family was saved when the battle was fought, and she has been remembered in history as the one who helped and served the people of God.

Today we split into two clinic groups and two activities groups.  Several helped Jan Orser work with the Hope Center kids with activities and assessments.  Ben and Noah went to the Honors Academy School to help paint and prepare rooms for the new school year.  Half the team stayed at the Hope Center, holding clinic in the small church next door, seeing 109 patients. 

The other half went to a poor settlement village (the equivalent of housing projects in the States) called Calle Claudia, situated up a mountain side with a beautiful scenic view that belied the underlying poverty and squalor the people lived in.  Many of the kids were infested with head lice, and we exhausted our supply of lice shampoo.  The man who brought us here also leads the Boy Scouts, who have done service projects here in the past, and came again today to help out.  Clinic was interrupted by a torrential downpour (some of the stations were located outdoors), but they still managed to see all the ill patients (about 96).

After the clinics, some relaxed at the Hope Center while others did souvenir shopping in the Valley of Angels village center, about a 20 minute walk from the Hope Center.

Tomorrow we have a relaxing day of Morning Church and afternoon sightseeing.