Honduras Day # 2

Honduras Day # 2 

August 3, 2012

Every morning at breakfast we have a brief devotional message, and our theme for this week is servant hood.  We discussed, Luke 22:27, when at the Last Supper Jesus told the disciples to stop focusing on wrong priorities but instead to concentrate on servant hood, an apt example and reminder as we head of on our first clinic day.

Today we worked in a neighborhood close to our main church building on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa called “Estados Unidos” which means “United States” (we don’t know why this name was chosen).  The school bus could only take us so far, and we had to walk, carrying all of our meds and supplies, to the house of a woman named Sonia.  Her son is one of the men we visit on our prison clinic day, and his wife (her daughter-in-law) and son (her grandson) were gunned down in the neighborhood by stray bullets (the woman died, but the boy survived after much surgery).  Despite all the tragedy in her life, Sonia has great faith, and is a strong influence for good in her community.  Our missionaries have been reaching out to them, providing support, services, and Godly encouragement for some time now.

She opened her house to our team of 26, along with 8 translators, where we set up tent shelters for shade.  The space was cramped and very hot, and we saw patients both inside and outside, with approximately 220 patient visits.  Some interesting findings included rashes and many cases of varicose veins.  We have nurses and medical/PA students on the trip this year, and they have been introduced to our clinic procedures, and started patient evaluations working beside the doctors.

We returned to the Hope Center, had a great dinner, and played a rousing game of “”Never Have I Ever.”  Tomorrow we split into two groups, one seeing patients here at the Hope Center and the other traveling to a very poor settlement near the Valley of Angels.