Honduras Day #1    July 28, 2011 

After a 4 AM airport check in, our flights were on time and we arrived with all of our luggage and belongings.  Except for the customs officers going through all our packed meds checking for expiration dates (we passed), we ate lunch at a local fried chicken restaurant then head  to the Hope Center to unpack, settle in, prepare coloring packs, dispense liquid cough meds, and pack worm medicines.  Everyone pitched in and was ready for an early bedtime after a long day.

In the pictures, you will see our arrival at the airport (they had us deplane onto the tarmac and walk around several jets to enter the building), loading the school bus we are using for transportation, meeting the Hope Center kid in front of the center, and preparing supplies.

Tomorrow we will be going to a city neighborhood near the church to work in an area where the gang families of the prisoners we see every year live.