August  4, 2011 Honduras Day 8

Our verse of the day was Colossians 3:23, encouraging us all to do our work heartily as “until the Lord.”  And we did work hard at the prison, where half the team saw 90 guards and prison workers while the other half saw 86 prisoners.

Prior to entering the cell block, we obtained our entry documents at the administration building. Team member Tom Love, a retired NY State corrections officer, presented the director of all prisons with a NY State corrections department uniform patch, tie tack and lapel pin.  He was very pleased, and our entry was easier than in the past.

We noticed that the prison had changed this year.  Family members of the inmates are now allowed into the cell block area, including women and children, some of whom we saw as patients.  We also saw inmates we knew from previous years, and they remembered us, too.  They were encouraged to know that outsiders thought enough to return multiple times to visit them and bring assistance.

We had our last dinner at a local restaurant with typical Honduran food, and then returned to the Hope Center to start packing for our return tomorrow.