August  3, 2011 Honduras Day 7

The story of the Prodigal Son shows us a loving father who lets his son make mistakes yet receives him back fully and unconditionally after the results of poor choices take effect.  Our families on earth and God in heaven can provide the same security in our lives, if we allow. 

Clinic today was in the church next door to the Hope Center, which made for an easier day, since we did not need to load the bus and travel a distance before starting work.  This was fortuitous because several of our team members came down with intestinal symptoms, so the easier day allowed them to rest and recover.  By dinner time, everyone was back in action.

Clinic was notable for patients with more head lice than any other previous clinic.  There was a young girl confined to a wheelchair because of hydrocephalus and spina-bifida, yet had a beautiful smile, and was so happy just to receive a princess toothbrush from us.  While clinic was in session, the painting crew returned to the school to finish painting the classrooms.

We saw 263 patients, and finished early enough to do more souvenir shopping.  We then had a special dinner at a fine restaurant owned by the family of Diego, one of our translators.  Over desert, we each shared one lesson and one person that made an impact on us from the trip.  Everyone agreed that we have had life changing experiences.

Tomorrow, our last clinic day, will be at the Prison.