August 1, 2011 Honduras Day 5

Today we discussed team work, and pitching in to help our team/family until all the work is done, as the nation of Israel family tribes did in the Old Testament, helping each other until all the promised land was settled.  We needed this kind of approach today as we split into 3 groups—one visiting the rain forest, and the other two going to separate locations for clinic, all located up in the rain forest of La Tigra mountain.  And by the way, it did rain on and off all day, which is what you expect I the rain forest.

The first location was in a church near an old family friend of the Jurkas, where 163 patients were seen.  This team then joined the second group where the patient volume (283 people) was much higher.  This location was at the home of the 4 year old girl with a terminal heart defect we met on our very first trip in 1996.  After that trip, we brought her to Buffalo for curative surgery, and have been checking on her as often as we can since then.  Now, 15 year later, she is married with an 18 month old son, and living a normal life.

The patient flow today was heavy, with many sick children requiring antibiotics.  One young woman with a raspy voice was found to have an enlarged thyroid gland and was advised to seek medical care in the city because we could not provide the necessary testing.  There were several interesting rashes and skin lesions as well.  On our return from the mountain to the city, we stopped to make a geriatric house call on a 91-year-old bed ridden man and his wife.

After clinic, we returned for dinner at the Hope Center, then an invigorating game of “Never Have I Ever” (you will have to ask the team member you know to explain this), and the preparation for tomorrow’s clinic in a church on the outskirts of the city.