Laicia's Story - New Life Campaign Haiti

Hope? What hope?

This is the question women of Haiti ask themselves daily.

Because many areas of Haiti are extremely impoverished, women have no way to provide for themselves or their children. Many women feel as if they have no other choice but to turn to prostitution in order to take care of their families. 

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Laicia's Story

Laicia was one of the first women we encountered when we began classes in September 2015. The first time we met her, she had just given birth to a beautiful little boy, Brian. She sat on the gazebo wall inside the brothel holding him. We will never forget the look in her eyes as we watched a young man enter through the brothel gates and signal to her. She gently passed her baby to another woman, walked towards the entrance to her room, lifted the curtain and went inside. We couldn't help but continue to glance at that tattered curtain... the only thing separating us from that room. Our hearts were heavy.

That day, like many others, Laicia serviced clients in order to provide food for her son and herself.

Months passed. Our visits with Laicia at the brothel became increasingly strained and tense. She would shoo us away or ask for money. She would ridicule us and make fun of our classes. There were days we would walk into the brothel and walk back out feeling defeated. We simply couldn’t understand how anyone could turn down a different life...a life of freedom. 

But Laicia knew no other way. She was just trying to survive. She was just trying to keep her son alive.

Still, God asked us to return. And we obeyed. And one day… everything changed.

One day, like most others, outside the brothel, we were teaching a class. And on this particular day, tired and empty, Laicia finally stopped to listen. Really listen. She realized that Jesus loved her and He was calling her out to a New Life. But, she would have to choose to walk towards Him. She would have to take the next step. And, on this day, a new relationship began. It was cultivated over time. Laicia began to attend classes at the New Life Center, enrolled in the residential housing program and took vocational classes where she realized she loves to cook. She has become a leader for local women and hopes to manage a restaurant one day. She is beginning to dream. Her son, Brian, is two years old. He is gaining weight and smiling again!! 

Seven months into this program, Laicia is experiencing real freedom in Jesus Christ and inner healing from her past. 

At New Life Campaign we ask… “Where are we in all of this? What are we doing to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the women and children of Haiti?” That is why NLC brings Jesus to the door of the brothel. That is why we meet women where they are. That is, after all, what Jesus did.

Hope? What hope?

In this case, hope is not just one life but two lives changed by the fierce love of Jesus Christ. Won’t you join us in this journey? Together we can bring hope to the women and children of Haiti.

     Brian Today                                 Laicia & Brian

              He's is happy, healthy,                                        They are enjoying living at the new                        and very talkative!                                                           women's center.