April in Honduras - A Month Filled with Blessings

This little smile tells the story of hope.

After months of waiting through a presidential election with protests and riots, paperwork and a toll road strike blocking all trucks entering the city, we finally received the container of humanitarian aid. It was full of computers, desks, smart boards with projectors and science lab stools for the school. Food, vitamins (children's, prenatal, and pro biotic) and feminine products along with other miscellaneous items were also included. Through the combined efforts of Feeding the Nations and Storehouse Mission Support we received over $200,000 in supplies. These donations will allow us to continue to improve the quality of education at Honors Academy as well as feed thousands of needy children.

New flip flops, a stuffed animal and a hug can make a child feel so special.

Many children were blessed with the shoes and stuffed animals that were donated by Troy Marshall’s Ministry. We were very busy distributing all of those shoes! It was also great to have Troy minister at our church. His message touched many in our service.

Special Blessings

Dr. Crystal Kronenberger (left) attended to the medical needs of many people in the surrounding villages. 

We had a great service with Pastor and Rabí Darko Kovachich (middle) from Croatia. Darko’s passion is to help others find their story in God's story by restoring the “Ancient Altars,” helping reconnect them to their forgotten roots and by doing so, accelerate the coming of Messiah.

We are so proud of our grandkids (right). They are growing up fast and have now joined our worship team.

Thank You

God's provision never ceases to amaze us! We are so thankful for everyone that gave their time, prayer support and monetary donations to make all of this happen.

Peter and Tyanne