Copy of Hope Center Honduras - Prison Ministry Update


Tyanne Jurka of Hope Center shares a brief 18 year history of their prison ministry in Honduras. She takes you on a journey from ministry launch to present day and shares pivotal moments along the way. 




Exactly 18 years ago, we were invited into the prison system to do a medical brigade. The men were overwhelmed by the love and care they received. Moreover, they never felt judged by our team. As a result, we were encouraged to return. They gave us free reign to do whatever we wanted there...including Bible classes. We zoomed in on the opportunity and began teaching the Word of God to the men. 


About 2 years after we began ministering, several of the men were taken away and murdered in a smaller prison where a fire had broken out. Survivors later told us that most of the 69 who were shot and killed were crying out to Jesus and asking for forgiveness before they died. Over the next 16 years we continued giving Bible and English classes to roughly 600 inmates until they too were suddenly moved to different maximum security prisons.  We have not yet been able to gain access to the new facilities.  


One of the young men who was recently released from prison came to our Sunday morning service. He shared how the Lord is continuing to work among the young men in their new facility. He said that several men have given their hearts to the Lord and now pray and read the Bible together.  He reported that there is a revival beginning to take place within the prison walls. We are beyond thrilled and know that all of our efforts have not been in vain and that God will finish the work that He has begun. 


With the door being closed on the men's prison ministry, the opportunity for us to instead minister in the women’s prison was opened.  Because we had already met many of the 18th Street Gang women in their neighborhoods or in other prisons throughout the country, they were thrilled to see us! We are currently teaching weekly classes in the women's prison.


God weaves the story. Faithful followers do the work. Thank you to our Honduran Missionaries, short term missions' teams and to everyone that has provided financial and prayer support to Hope Center. The seeds that have been planted continue to yield fruit. Praise God!!!