Honduras 2016 Medical Mission Trip Day 8

Honduras 2016 Medical Mission Trip Day 8.  Today was a great day in prison.  Half the group stayed with the guards and were able to treat 106 patients.  The other half went into the cell block and saw about 200 patients.  After everyone was attended to, there was time in the clinic area where the men sat in rapt attention as each team member gave a greeting and we then prayed for the men and their leader, who hosted our group.  It was a very special time of sharing God's love, with the presence of the Holy spirit.  There are no pictures because cameras are not allowed in the prison, but it was a special time that we will all remember.  Afterwards, we stopped to replace the front tires, and then returned to the Hope Center for a typical Honduran dinner and birthday celebration for Moriah, who turned 16 today.  She will also remember how all the prisoners sang Happy Birthday to her. This was our last day working in Honduras, and tomorrow we return to Buffalo.