Honduras 2016 Medical Mission Trip Day 7

Honduras 2016 Medical Mission Trip Day 7.  Today we headed up La Tigra mountain for clinic in the home of a family we helped on our very first trip here in 1996.  Their 4 year old daughter, Suany, had a congenital heart defect that made her very weak.  She was dying from her problem, since there was no open heart surgery in the Country.  He mother had prayed for a miracle, and we were it.  We were able to arrange to bring Suany to Buffalo for surgery that was successful, and she is now living a normal life, with 2 children of her own.  So we like to check on her progress in life and bless her family's village with medical care.  On our way, we were able to administer first aid to the passenger of a motor scooter taxi they use here, after it tipped on it's side (no one was seriously injured).  We continued to Suany's house where we saw 204 patients during our clinic time, and ended early enough to go to the entrance of the rainforest national park.  There were beautiful views and many tricky hair-turns in the road along the way.  We finished the day back at the Hope Center sharing about which patients made an impression on us.