Honduras 2016 Medical Mission Trip Day 6.

Honduras 2016 Medical Mission Trip Day 6.  After breakfast, we headed to the city church where some spent the day with fix-up projects and preparing materials for the coming start of the school year at Honors Academy, held in the church building.  The remainder headed back to Las Brisas to inspect water filtration systems we placed in previous years.  We fixed broken systems and replaced the filter on all of them, while seeing up close how the people in this area live.  After lunch, some went for souvenir shopping while the remainder continued working on projects at the church building.  We then had dinner at the restaurant, El Portico, owned and run by a family that helps us with our translations and contact work in Honduras.  We ended the evening with a team meeting learning the history of our clinic location tomorrow up the mountain near the rain forest, La Tigra.  Afterwards, we packed nutrition packs and Albendazole medicine and prepared our supplies for tomorrow's clinic.