•Honduras 2016 Medical Mission Trip Day 5

Honduras 2016 Medical Mission Trip Day 5.  This was a very busy clinic day.  We started with our usual breakfast and devotional time in the morning, and then off at 8 am for clinic at the inner city area called Las Brisas.  On the way, we stopped at the city church to clean out classrooms that are receiving new flooring, and then off to a school in Las Brisas, where we worked today.  The bus could not reach the area, because of parked vehicles blocking access, so we carried in our supplies.  We worked with our old friend, Lourdes, who has hosted our clinics many times.  There was a large crowd and we were able to serve 375 patients, hand out nutrition and dental kits, and then return to the Hope Center.  The Hope Center Kids have been serving as helpers and translators at each clinic, and on the way home, treated them to Ice Cream.  The team felt a bit weary but rewarded after agood day of work.  Tomorrow we will be distributing and updating water systems back at Las Brisas.