This Year, we are trying a new approach to

fundraising for Honduras:

 After considering the logistics, costs, and other factors, we have decided to forgo the fancy banquet in favor of smaller events.  We will be staging these more intimate gatherings, mostly in homes, and hope that you will stay involved.

 The plan is to have 5-10 events at different locations and on different dates, so that everyone can have an opportunity to attend.  At each event, a representative from Storehouse Mission Support will give an update and show a new Video from the field.  We will also try to have Pete and Tyanne connect via the Internet for a live greeting with Q&A time.  Finally, we will have printed materials with ministry information to take home.  

 Since this is a fundraiser, we will be asking for donations and pledges.  And the exciting news is that we have a donor who has pledged to match all donations coming from the events, up to a maximum of $50,000.00.  Which means that we have the potential to raise $100,000.00!

We will be posting the schedule of events in the near future, so check back to find one at a time and place that you can attend.


A Brief History of the Hope Center and

Honors Academy in Honduras

In 1990, Peter and Tyanne Jurka were working at the Bible School they founded in Honduras where local men and women were trained to become Church Pastors.  By 1993, another dream was born:  the Hope Center.  It was to become an Orphanage for Honduran children, as well as a center for meeting needs in the community of Valle de Angeles where it is located, on the outskirts of the capital city of Tegucigalpa.  By 1996, the building foundation was laid, but construction took several additional years, relying on the intermittent availability of volunteer workers and donated funds.  

During this time, the Jurkas held a Bible study in their home that grew into a church within Tegucigalpa.  Similar to the Hope Center, a church building was built (over many years) primarily with construction teams and donations from the USA.  It was named Zion Tabernacle, and included a sanctuary, kitchen area, offices, and Church School classrooms.

By 2004, the Hope Center earned government approval to receive the first 20 children, who were infants to 5 years of age.  There were initial growing pains, and to assist them, Peter & Tyanne’s daughter and son-in-law (Tarah & John Carrette) joined the ministry, becoming the house parents for all the children.  Tarah & John fell in love with the children and officially adopted them.

By 2005, Zion Tabernacle was holding worship services, and the Hope Center was in operation:  serving as home to the Carrettes and the children, and also utilized as a center for dispensing humanitarian aid and hosting mission teams from the States.

As the children grew, the need for schooling became foremost.  When the 2 oldest orphans had difficulty in the local school, John & Tarah used a home school curriculum to teach them at the Hope Center.  With the prospect of educating 18 more children, the vision for a school was born.  The church building, with space and classrooms, became the logical location for the launching of Honors Academy. 

Honors Academy provides a Bilingual character-based Christian school education.  The need for additional classrooms and space was apparent as the younger Carrette children became school aged, and families attending the church expressed interest in sending their children.  Renovations and additions to the Church building to accommodate growing student numbers became evident.  American educators were recruited from the States to teach alongside Hondurans, and the school became certified by the Honduran Government.  Word spread about the quality education provided at Honors Academy, which includes a special needs program, and community members began sending their children.  In the Fall of 2017, it is expected that the school will serve more than 200 children.  Honors Academy will graduate its first class of High School Seniors in 2108.


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