Peak Partner Missions

Founded by Tom & Judy Schaner

Our Mission…

We believe that access to a quality education is a human right.  We have been called by God to partner with the community of Belot, Haiti to provide quality education to children in the remote mountains of southern Haiti, by investing and growing the reach of New Birth School.

“We are called to be workers of justice and lovers of mercy with the spirit of humility” (Micah 6:8).

Long Term Goals for New Birth School:

Sustain a Lunch Program 5 days per week for all students

Provide Training and Instructional Materials for the Teachers

Expand Grade Levels up to Grade 13

Long Term Goals for the Beloit Community

Build a free-standing Church building

Construct a home for the Pastor

Construct a medical clinic

Build a new Cistern for the water supply


Save the Lost

-Create and Sustain a Church and Christian School

-Prayer Walks

-Caring for the Sick

Heal the Saved

-Teaching the Word of God

-Mentoring from “mature believers”

-Connect members with Ministries that “utilize their gifts”

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